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Beautiful and tempting macaroons lure me into this shop for a taste

As the years retreat, like soldiers who have lost or won a battle, I march forward down life’s path with a renewed sense of passion. My passion almost always lies in the discoveries that travel brings. This past year brought forth many new heart-opening journeys that are influencing me in new ways.

I love Europe for its art around every corner, so freely displayed. During my last adventure abroad, I felt the presence of art all around me, so strongly in fact that it stirred an emotion deep inside of me. I was struck with an awareness of how every person on this planet leaves his or her artistic mark in some way. It might be grandiose like the intricate baroque cathedrals; indulgent and visually stunning like the cakes and pastries presented in the windows that look too beautiful to eat; the street musicians who entertain with such a flair or the paintings on the village walls, simplistic and with a message. I was viewing the world through the eyes of the artists who created these personal works. This new awareness flooded my senses and inspired me to document and explore my experiences in all things artistic. My focus for the year is love created by art or is it art created by love? I dedicate 2014 to this theme.

Love this! Sorelle = Sister

A peek into a private garden revealed the owner’s passion for sculpture art

Nicola found this old piece of pottery under a tree along the pathway in Lucca. As the rain erodes the ground cover, these treasures are revealed

Italian bici. Very clever!

These dazzling creations catch your eye with intricacy

Nestled into a doorway in Florence, an accordion player sings for his supper

A friend that kept me company at La Mimosa

A chocolate lover’s paradise. I love the photo of the man. Who is he?

Brilliant reds lining the streets of Pietrasanta

Artisan bread – so white and organically displayed in Lari

Signage rustica and handmade. Your eyes want to read the entire menu

Wine dispensary housed in a small vegetable market in Lucca. The painting says “Try it. You’ll like it!”

A farmer at the local frantoio, or olive mill, waits for his olives to be pressed into oil

Layers of art. I wonder if one person created all this or if it was a collaboration?

Thanks for letting me share my view of art with you. Keep your eyes open. Art is everywhere!

Grazie and with love!!



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