Artisans and Angels

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Pietrasanta, a charming artist colony, is a stone’s throw from Lucca. La Mimosa’s Angela, who is an artist, thought it might be an illuminating place to spend a leisurely day. She was right.

The first of many sculptures I was about to experience. How lovely to be enveloped in children and birds!

Pietrasanta is small and silent but powerful. Her heavy hand of all thing artistic propelled me into a past time of creative exploration.

We stumbled upon this sculptor’s paradise while walking down a lonely street. Curiously, there were no humans present. Only guardians of stone whose stories would remain a secret.

She captured my soul. Her gaze. Her beautiful, confident wings. The clock she embraced. It was as if she was there just for me. I named her Giuliana.

Flying into the skies leg first.

The main piazza is a sculpture garden in itself filled with marble creations. The entire color scheme took my breath away.

The Italians just know how to display vegetables.

Another favorite -chestnuts- are omnipresent. I’ve grown fond of them.
This archway sits in the middle of the street. It is adorned with pomegranates, an ancient and treasured food.
Pomegranates are a favorite of mine so when I noticed the arch lined with them, I just had to share the details.
This ristorante looked alluring. We took a chance and were rewarded. Ristorante Quarantuno. Excellent.
Amber digs into squid ink pasta with local Pietra fish. Absolutely delectable.
Up close version.
Pasta with a light pumpkin sauce. Equally delicious. I do love pasta!

One of the most creative and taste bud tingling desserts I have ever enjoyed. Wine poached pear, cross split and filled with a chestnut purée. Magnificent. Exquisite. I searched high and low for the purée but it alluded me. Perhaps it was homemade.

Domes and olives. My passions are fulfilled.

Colorful Italy. What’s not to love?
More marble art keeping company with the tall brick tower with interior staircases crafted by The Michelangelo.
Pietrasanta oozing with artistic flair.

We were there on Halloween, a day that is just emerging in Italia. I loved this restauranteur’s sense of humor.

So, go explore the hidden and find treasures beyond expectations. This tiny villa was exactly that.

Ciao for now!


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