Garden of Life

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Lush freshness

Lush freshness from my garden

Every person has their own garden. A garden of wishes they hope to grow into fruition. When we are young, we plant many seeds of all the things we hope to accomplish in life. As we age and have watched those seeds become living dreams, some happy and healthy, some are weeds that need to be sorted through and recycled. Some become overgrown and litter our mind. I love to weed. It gives me time to deeply contemplate what needs more attention and what needs less. As I loosen the invaders with my fingers and tug gently to release their roots, it is a form of catharsis for me. It’s like clearing my mind at the same time as cleaning up my yard. I can see things more clearly. The trees, flowers and bushes now can shine and be a focal point, their once tag-along side kicks removed. The mind relaxes; the body aches a bit but feels stronger for it. There is almost nothing I’d rather do on a sunny weekend than trim and prune and weed my yard.I am making it more beautiful and hospitable for the birds and butterflies and bees that call my garden home. How we tend and care for our “gardens” reflect how we live our lives. Infuse a little love in everything you do and watch what happens!!

One of the many hummingbirds that delight in the abundance of salvia in my yard.

One of the many hummingbirds that delight in the abundance of Salvia in my yard.

Love from my garden to yours,


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