Immersed in Olive Oil

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Le Fenice Nolce Olives

It’s been a busy month and I am happy to announce that my new enterprise, The Virtuous Olive is up and running. The shop is stocked with fruity oils, natural and flavored. My goal is to bring a taste of the true Italy to your table. These photos are from La Fenice, Galantino’s personal olive estate near beautiful Bisceglie where I visited this last month.

Picking Nolce, or the new olives

The chili peppers used for the Peperocino olive oil

A very old olive tree living the good life at La Fenice

I hope you visit my site! There is something for everyone’s taste, I promise. I will be back next Wednesday with more tales from my recent trip to Italy so stay tuned.

The Virtuous Olive

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