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As I begin this blog, I am reminded of many of my life’s journeys that have led me to this present moment in time. My dream is to write about food, share recipes, and get to the heart and soul of the impact food has on our lives. Food drives memories, and cooking is a way to show our love. So how has food influenced your life? Food has always been a part of my “journeys” dictating travels, social events, even friendships. Today, I share my youthful new garden and will follow its journey of growth. Weekly, I will document its maturity and create recipes which highlight each vegetable’s unique spirit. I know I will be surprised by its abundance of green when I return in three weeks. Until then, on to Southern France to savor the flavors!Image

About Mary Knight

I have always been passionate about food and its origin, all things France and Julia Child. Travel tugs at my heart, luring me to new places where I can feast my eyes and senses, taste local …

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