La Dolce Vita

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Pulignano a Mare. The name rolls off my tongue like a song. This sweet little town, perched on the Adriatic Sea in southern Italy, is a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and flavors. There is a reason this place is called The Italian Pearl.

My mom and I are on holiday together exploring the best of this unique part of Italy called Pulia which means “stony lane”. Pulia’s rich history of ancient civilizations and status as a Land of Invasions has created an artisan culture made up of a melange of Mesopotamian, Roman, Greek and Turkish influences.
Mom and I smiling the vacation smile.
Art surrounds us and limestone walls serve as the back drop.

With over 20 gelato shops in Pugliano alone, you can be assured of never being too far away from a sweet treat.

The main piazza.
The people of Pulia live in an agricultural arena of tastes and are passionate about the preparation of food.

An antipasti tasting lovingly prepared with all local ingredients and liberal use of local olive oil. Fresh white sardines marinated and fried, mint marinated octopus and shrimp, local yellow potatoes, grilled eggplant, zucchini and peppers, freshly made creamy burrata ( a personal favorite), fresh prawns, cuttlefish, focaccia and more. Everything is served with jugs of the local wine which is always great.

Puglia’s Mediterranean landscape is a colorful composition of shoulder to shoulder olive trees – over 60 million in Puglia alone- short limestone walls, deep mandarin-colored poppies interspersed with prickly pear cactus and scatterings of ancient dwellings.

This photo was taken from the bus but shows the typical coastal terrain.

Crystal clear infusions of the Adriatic’s blue and green waters nudge up against craggy, snaking cliffs forming pools of white sand beaches. Today is a holiday bringing families and friends to the sun.


More later on our Pulia adventure.


Until then,

Ciao Bella!

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