Love is in the Air

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Love is in the air – literally!

Love has many different meanings and interpretations. We all agree that love is warm, happy, giving and, in an ideal world, unconditional. Love is found everywhere, from the kiss of a dog, to a Coeur a la crème.

I found love in the trees in Vienna. It was cold, bundled up cold, and my two compadres and I decided to set off and discover this city of music and culture. Just meandering, we stumbled upon a park with tall trees whose barren branches reached across the dark skies and opened up, welcoming us in.

Music is found everywhere in Vienna

At first I had to refocus my eyes. Hanging from the branches were blue, red and yellow violins! It was as if the trees said, “Surprise!”  This stunning visual presentation of boldness and artistic endeavor touched me at my core. I closed my eyes and could hear the strings being coaxed and caressed by their musicians playing Strauss and Mozart, the legends of classical music.

“Love, love, love. That is the soul of genius.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Despite the fierce chill, warmth came to my heart. This display of art, hanging in the trees, brought my world together: nature + art + historical culture. I could not stop oohing and ahhing. My eyes finally disengaged from this one tree and moved to a tree in the distance. What were the red objects in this tree? As I moved closer, the big, red hearts noticed me, dangling love.

Sharing the love

All these decorations are studded with lights for, I’m sure, an amazing night-time viewing.

Giant acorns waiting for giant chipmunks to find them?

The tree next door was adorned with giant acorns and at its base sat a chipmunk hut.

Home to the chipmunks. Alvin, Theodore?!

The name of this part is Rathauspark, in case you are wondering. I highly recommend a visit if you are in town.

The park filled with art.

So taken with this display of art, I choose to always look deeper for the art in my life. I think of the artist who crafted these pieces and climbed the trees to place them in nature just to make us happy. And happy I was all day long just at this discovery. Extraordinary. This is why I will forever travel!

Discover love in your art!

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