Lucca Revealed Part I

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I love traveling to cities with ancient walls. In France, I was enamored with the bastides and cathars. Perhaps that is why I am charmed by Lucca’s fortress and her medieval city walls. There are four Portas or doors leading into the city. Along the outside up high, a pretty tree- lined pathway provides a walking and biking venue with sneak peaks into the city. Inside, a parade of multiple piazzas, churches, towers, and narrow cobblestone streets invite you to get lost in its history.

This lovely angel sits high atop a church keeping watch and on guard to protect.

A statue of a famous sculptor gazes toward the piazza.
Typical downtown colors.
Bikes are the prefered mode of transportation.
I’m drooling for these right now.
Cookies to celebrate Halloween, a newer holiday for the Italians.
An example of Luchese Pisano, an architectural style from Pisa. So much beautiful natural stone here. Carrera marble is a stone’s throw away.
This labyrinth came from Ancient Rome and was included when the church was built. Story has it that it is a pagan symbol that the church adopted to please the masses.
Other decorum of Lucca!
A friend from the gardens inside an old convent.
This beautiful bush is a Corbezzolo whose red fruit is edible. Such contrasting beauty.
The red roof view high atop the Guinigi Tower. You can see for kilometers and kilometers.
My guida or guide Nicola was happy to show me his home town of Lucca.
Only a handful of homes enjoy a rooftop garden. This one looks well cared for and used. Can you imagine having dinner here with this view?
Street vendors roasting the Italian favorite of chestnuts.
Just a stunning piece of art and history.
I am enthralled by this color combination which shows up in almost every little town.
More photos to come. I just wanted to whet your appetite. My visits to this beautiful city have been interrupted by a Comics and Games convention for four days so access to the city was virtually impossible not to mention the bumper to bumper traffic. A reminder to check for events before booking travel dates!


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