Sassy Succulents

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My assortment of collected succulents awaiting a forever home

This spring nature called and begged for attention. My yard and garden had been severely neglected over the winter months and the weeds were suffocating everything they touched. The task seemed so overwhelming that I kept procrastinating. The roses appeared the saddest so that’s where I began the project that evolved into a two-month mini-landscape. Inspired by my progress, I kept moving forward and like purging old clothes that no longer fit, I removed plants that were too thirsty or difficult to maintain, leaving more breathing room. I even cleared out a space to plant a gorgeous young Fuyu Persimmon I named Francesca!

Francesca. My newest love

In the middle of the project, I discovered succulents. These fast-growing and water-wise plants would add a new dimension to my yard. I stalked my neighborhood with clippers and bag in hand, snagging an assortment of shapes and sizes. My friends donated clippings from their yards and before I knew it, I had enough for several potfuls. What I didn’t realize was the beauty and intricacy each succulent embodied. Some are cascading dreadlocks while others remind me of artichokes. I love the delicate rose shapes that contrast the assertive spikes of the aloe family. Each so individual.

The art is in arranging them together almost like a bouquet of flowers. My friend Eva took a class on planting succulents and passed on this advice: Use a thriller, a filler and a spiller. With this catchy expression in mind, I started experimenting. I became the artist, almost like creating a mosaic, filing in the dirt spaces with polished rocks.

The combinations are endless. Once again, my garden has given me a lesson, nudging me out of my traditional role of perennials and opening my soul to another dimension. These awakenings, although small give my life such joy. And the journey continues…

Ciao for now,

Love, Mary

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