The Gift

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Simply glowing!

Simply glowing!

I have just received the greatest gift – The gift of time. This opportunity in time came in the form of sharing my house with my mom for nearly five months while her kitchen was being remodeled. I write about time, talk about time, obsess over time, and wish for more time. In this case, I am ever-grateful for this precious time spent with my mom.

We ate breakfast and dinner together, shared our days, joys and frustrations. We learned how to be sensitive to each other’s feelings and how to fine tune the balance in sharing space. We giggled as we watched Saturday Night Live together, between snoozes. The best part – I learned a lot more about her and what made her who she is through her stories of past times. In the meantime, we bonded deeply. Her breadth of wisdom and ability to see beyond and over the rainbow kept me grounded. I am in awe of her strength through difficult times and wish I had more of it. If you ever want someone on your side, who believes in you to the end of time, that would be my Mom.

Everyday I held onto this time, securing it in my heart for future reflection. As time happens, her house is now ready and it’s time for her to move out. It reminds me of when I left my family home for college. We both procrastinated, knowing the inevitable would be difficult for both of us. It’s been one of the most fun five months of my life – like a long slumber party with your best girlfriend. As much as most women want their own identity and do not want to be just like their mothers, when I look into her clear blue eyes and see the beauty of her soul, I want to be more like her.

Thanks Mom for being the best roommate, soul sister, friend and confidant a girl could ask for. I am in love with time spent with you!

“When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself.” -Nancy Friday

Ciao for now. The next few weeks will bring recipes of lemons and chocolate!



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