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Sparky pondering his nest transition....

Sparky pondering his next transition…

The transition to spring nudges me to do things that I have had on a procrastination list – cleaning out closets, purging my computer of used emails, exercising regularly and last but not least, preparing my raised beds for summer veggies.

A clean slate with which to paint a new picture.

A clean slate with which to paint a new picture.

Why are we such creatures of habit when it comes to “spring” cleaning? What prompts us to create space especially this time of year? To me, transition is a form of new creation, a fresh outlook, and in my garden, a literal new viewpoint of colors and textures. My juvenile pomegranate tree has transitioned from a spindle of naked branches to an explosion of vibrant green leaves and sunset buds soon to become my favorite leather skinned fruits.

Pom 1Summer will tease charming blossoms into autumn fruit.

DSCN2060Such delicate beauty!

The aromatic sweet peas that have lit up two areas of my yard with cotton candy pinks, snow whites and deep velvet purples are slowly saying goodbye, much to my dismay. It’s like a good friend who is going on a long vacation. I know they will be back next year but miss them already.

Each petal has a transitional color.

Each petal has a transitional color.

delicate spHow much prettier can these pinks get? Everyday I am grateful and amazed. They are glorious!!!!

The last of my lettuce is in my refrigerator, ready to share with friends. I am grateful for such an abundant harvest that kept me fed and healthy for months. As I cleaned up the last of the broccoli, I noticed that my beets are finally ready to be released from their slumber.

new beetsNew beets so sweet. Don’t forget the green tops which are just as delectable.

DSCN2036Spring revealed! Beautiful fraise, so tiny and fragrant with the scent of French woods.

So, as nature is constantly transitioning, every day, every minute, I am learning to do the same. Little, incremental changes, that mimic nature’s rhythm, help us shift into the new, opening up space for creative forces to take hold. What will you shift today?

DSCN2042The new has arrived! Summer “fruit” is brewing!

Avec l’amour de ma maison à la vôtre, le bonheur et la bonne santé  (With love from my house to yours, happiness and good health)

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